Beli Shaklee Tanpa Tax Sekarang

Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan Salam Ceria!

Oh my! baru perasan.

September start with S, and

it is the month of Malaysia Government implement SST.

What a coincidence. Ok please stop the drama.

But Shaklee (S again…) has good news for us.

Shaklee are free from tax. Yes. No SST been charged whenever you buy Shaklee products.

Here are the formal announcement from Shaklee Malaysia.

Beli Shaklee Tanpa SST dan GST


And this time it’s the best moment for shopping. It will be much better if you join us as a member.

Contact me or read here for details.

Cik Mien

SID: 1094977

Wanita yang memilih produk yang berkesan, selamat dan semulajadi

FB : Sharminie Zainul Abidin

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Instagram: sharminie_za


Whatsapp/Telegram: 0123813525


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